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The American School of Alexandria offers the American curriculum for grades Play School through 12. The American School of Alexandria is accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education as a coeducational, university/college, preparatory school, grades Play School - 12, which adheres to the American curriculum and grants the American High School Diploma. Furthermore, the American School of Alexandria is accredited by AdvancED.

In architecture and design The School is modern and purpose built. The American curriculum stresses critical thinking, analysis, and the development of the whole individual. The curriculum does not focus on rote memorization nor it is test driven.


The School discourages private tutoring. The School provides a trained English as a Second Language teacher at grade levels, K-10, (ESL). Students who earn the American High School Diploma from ASA may attend Egyptian, European, Canadian, American, colleges and universities. ASA's American High School Diploma is given preferential treatment by Egypt's most selective university.

The American School of Alexandria is the only school of its kind to be actually located in the City of Alexandria. The school has state-of-the-art science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics. The Computer Laboratory offers today's technology for 16 students. The school has a theater-like setting for the viewing of film and videos.

In the high school ASA prepares students for Advanced Placement (A.P) courses in English, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus and French. The school offers SAT II subject tests. In addition to the SAT I and II's The School gives the PSAT to 10TH graders in anticipation of the SAT's. Testing is arranged in cooperation with A Mideast. ASA integrates SAT I preparation into several math and English courses. Additionally, ASA has a fulltime, professional Counselor who offers a broad range of counseling services for the student body, including college/university guidance. Also, uniquely ASA has a Special Education Program for a limited number of learning challenged students. The American School of Alexandria firmly believes that small class size is highly conductive to learning. Small class size allows the teacher the opportunity to address individual, academic needs, and to tailor teaching to each individual student's learning style.

To that end classes in the elementary section of The School are no larger than 15 students per class (K-6); in the middle school (grades 7-8) and high school (grades 9-12) class size varies up to 17 students. Presently, ASA's optimal enrollment is 225 students. The School has sports facilities from an on-site swimming pool, playing fields, gymnasium, dance studio, to an exercise/weight room. The American School of Alexandria encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities such as Student Council, Environmental Club, Model United Nations, community service, school newspapers, and interscholastic sports, etc. The school provides bus service to most areas of Alexandria.